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Skills Arena

The Skills Arena is designed as a competitive soccer centric space where training, skill building, fitness and entertainment all come together. The arena will enable both individual teams and small groups to compete at any level as well as provide space for corporate groups, birthday parties, and additional special events.

Please note: The Robokeeper will be available upon request. Call in advance to confirm a staff member is available for your desired reservation time. Thank you!

How It Works


Hourly Play

Per Person/Per Hour

Monday - Sunday

Birthday Parties

Maximum 50 People

Monday - Sunday

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With a focus on speed, agility, control, and power these 11 different zones will be digitally monitored and recorded in real time. This technology will give the athlete immediate feedback as they compete in the arena.

Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 4.32.39 PM.png

The Skills Arena will be a fully digitized experience with software creating dynamic peer to peer competition. This includes easy booking through the Bosse Sports mobile app and wrist band sensors for entry.

In collaboration with Elite Skills Arena from the United Kindgom, this technology allows the collection of real time data awarding points and rankings based on performance that will be displayed on the Skills Arena Leaderboard.




The international sensation Robot Keeper is a human sized attraction imported from Germany that will be a highlight of the space. It encourages players of any level to be both excited and driven to compete against it’s 99% penalty kick save rate. The machine itself is cutting edge technology, including the ability to accelerate 20x faster than a Formula 1 race car. 

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